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A Nostalgic Look at Candy from the Past

A Nostalgic Look at Candy from the Past

Over the years, sweets have held a special place in the hearts of many. The sweets of the past evoke nostalgic memories of simpler times. These delicacies were not only treats, but also symbols of friendship, joy and tradition.

Classic Candy Types


Licorice, a typical Dutch candy, has been popular for centuries. From sweet to salty varieties, licorice could be found in almost every household. The unique flavor comes from licorice root, an ingredient that has been used since ancient times. At we use a lot of gum arabic.

Production and Sales

The production of these traditional sweets often took place in small-scale artisanal factories. The ingredients were simple, but the techniques required craftsmanship. This ensured that each sweet was made with care, contributing to its high quality and unique taste.

Sales methods tended to be locally focused. Candy shops, market stalls and even door-to-door sales were common ways to sell these delicacies. The personal contact between seller and buyer created a community atmosphere and strengthened the bond with these products.

At Lekker Droppie we have adhered to these traditions and attach great importance to the quality of our ingredients. Our drops are made with natural colors and flavors, without artificial additives. This not only ensures a pure, authentic taste, but also makes our sweets a conscious choice for health-conscious consumers. Each sweet is a harmonious blend of natural ingredients, carefully prepared to provide an unforgettable taste experience.

Cultural Meaning

Sweets from the past often had a symbolic meaning. They were given as a reward, a gift on special occasions or simply as a sign of affection. They also played a role in various traditions and celebrations. Sharing sweets was a way to strengthen bonds and share joy.

Contemporary Relevance

Today, many of these classic sweets are still sold at tasty droppie. Our packaging is often retro so that it emphasizes the nostalgic value.

The popularity of these sweets shows that, despite the abundance of modern alternatives, the simple pleasures of the past are still appreciated. They offer a tasteful journey back in time and remind us of the enduring charm of tradition and craft.

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