Ontdek de natuurlijke perfectie van drop met acaciagom

Discover the natural perfection of licorice with acacia gum

Lekker Droppie

Looking for a delicious and natural treat? Taste our delicious drops made with acacia gum , a tasty treat that benefits both your taste buds and your health.

What is acacia gum?

Acacia gum, also known as gum arabic , is a natural resin derived from the acacia tree. This special ingredient is known for its versatile applications in the food industry. In licorice, acacia gum not only provides a soft, creamy texture, but it is also a natural binding agent that provides a pure and authentic taste experience.

The benefits of licorice with acacia gum

  1. Natural Ingredients : Our licorice is made with acacia gum and contains no artificial additives. This means pure enjoyment of natural flavors.
  2. Healthier Alternative : Acacia gum is rich in fiber and known for its prebiotic properties, which contributes to healthy digestion.
  3. Perfect Texture : Thanks to the acacia gum, our licorice has a unique structure that melts in your mouth.

Why choose licorice with acacia gum?

At Lekker Droppie we believe in combining tradition with natural ingredients. Our licorice with acacia gum offers a unique taste experience that is both nostalgic and innovative, just like the sweets of the past . Each droppie is a treat that takes you back to the origins of authentic licorice flavors.

Taste the difference

Be surprised by the subtle, rich flavors and delicious texture of our licorice with acacia gum. Ideal as a snack, on the go or as a special treat. A responsible choice for every licorice lover who wants to taste the best of nature.

Order today!

Are you ready to discover the natural perfection of acacia gum licorice? Order our delicious drops today. Enjoy the pure taste of our carefully made licorice and experience for yourself why acacia gum is the perfect choice for a tasty and healthy treat.

Enjoy the best of nature with licorice from Lekker Droppie – pure, tasty and irresistible!

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