Ontdek de verrukkelijke veganistische drop van Lekker Droppie.

Discover the delicious vegan liquorice from Lekker Droppie.

Lekker Droppie

Are you a real licorice lover and looking for a delicious treat that is also completely vegan? Search no further! At Lekker Droppie we have the perfect solution for you: our delicious vegan liquorice .

Our vegan licorice is made with care and love, without animal ingredients, so that everyone can enjoy the authentic taste of licorice. Whether you're vegan, lactose intolerant, or just looking for a healthier snack option, our licorice is here for you.

Why choose Lekker Droppie's vegan liquorice?

  • 100% Vegetable : Our licorice is made without gelatin or other animal ingredients. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Artisan Quality : We use only the finest ingredients and traditional recipes to ensure the rich, authentic taste.
  • Sustainable and animal-friendly : By choosing our vegan liquorice you contribute to a more sustainable and animal-friendly world.
  • Variety and Taste : From sweet to salty licorice, and everything in between. At Lekker Droppie you will find a wide range of flavors that will surprise your taste buds.

Try it Now!

View our extensive range of vegan licorice. Order today and taste for yourself why so many people choose the irresistible taste of our delicious drops. Treat yourself to a moment of pure pleasure, without guilt.

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