Proef de Zomer met Gekleurde Braambessen van Lekker Droppie!

Taste the Summer with Colored Blackberries from Lekker Droppie!

Lekker Droppie

Taste the summer with our colored blackberry licorice!

Fancy a delicious treat that will surprise your taste buds? Discover our hard colored blackberry licorice. These colorful hard gum arabic licorice are not only a feast for the eyes, but also a real treat for the true licorice lover.

Our Colored Blackberries are made from the best ingredients and have an irresistible fruity taste. Each blackberry is traditionally prepared and provides a unique flavor explosion. Whether you're looking for a sweet snack for yourself or a festive addition for a birthday or party, these blackberries are the perfect choice.

Why choose the colored blackberries from Lekker Droppie?

  • Colorful and Tasty: The vibrant colors make these candies attractive and perfect for any occasion.
  • High Quality: Made with gum arabic from the acacia tree, making every blackberry a delight.
  • Versatile use: Ideal as a treat, decoration for cakes or simply to enjoy whenever you want.

Treat yourself or someone else to this delicious delicacy and make every moment a party.

Lekker Droppie - The taste of happiness in every bite!

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