Ontdek de ambachtelijke authentieke productie van onze drop

Discover the traditional, authentic production of our licorice

Lekker Droppie

Discover the traditional, authentic production of our licorice

Welcome to Lekker Droppie, the place for liquorice enthusiasts who want to enjoy artisanal and authentically made liquorice. Have you ever wondered how our delicious licorice is made? Today we take you behind the scenes of our production process .

At Lekker Droppie everything revolves around tradition , craftsmanship and passion for taste. Our licorice is made with the greatest care and love, according to a four-generation-old family recipe. We only use the best ingredients: such as natural gum arabic from the acacia tree. This ensures the authentic taste that you love so much.

Today, just like in the past, all our delicious liquorice and sweets are still prepared in open copper kettles. This ensures consistent quality. With respect for each specific natural resource. This is in order to achieve the quality we strive for. The final step is drying and packaging, so that freshness and taste are optimally preserved.

What makes our licorice extra special is that they are completely free of allergens. This way you can enjoy a pure, honest product. Whether you like soft , sweet liquorice or prefer a spicy, salty variant , you will always find something to your taste at Lekker Droppie.

View our collection of delicious licorice here and discover the rich variety of delicious licorice that we have to offer. Every liquorice and candy tells its own story, rooted in tradition and craft. Taste the difference and enjoy licorice the way licorice was meant to be.

Lekker Droppie - authentic liquorice, pure enjoyment

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