Collection: Soft liquorice & candy

The basis of our soft liquorice & candy is the same as the hard version. Sugar and glucose. A gelling agent (binder) is added here, which is much lower than with the hard liquorice where 50% of gum arabic is used. Furthermore, the same ingredients are added.

When the mixture is finished, it is then poured into the desired shape using the same mogul or casting machine.

The big difference with the hard liquorice & candy is that the soft liquorice and candies only need to be cooled to give the nutritional gelatin the chance to harden. After a rest period of 24 hours, they are ready to be de-powdered again over the same mogul and further finished to make manually oiled or sugared drops and candies.

The moisture content is greater than with hard drops and sweets. Gelatin allows a higher residual moisture content in the candy without sticking, which is why they are much softer than hard drops and candies. They are therefore ready much faster and do not need to be dried in a drying chamber to allow the excess water to evaporate.